Accounts Receivable

Manage your business efficiently and effectively with our one-of-a-kind cloud-based accounts receivable services!

We help you with basic bookkeeping tasks, including updating accounting software records, balancing accounts, making bank deposits, tracking cash receipts, and invoicing clients. We employ a one-of-a-kind approach to assisting organizations in improving their account receivable department’s performance by lowering Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and enhancing total work capital. Our cloud-based technology aids in the creation of a consolidated repository of all account receivable data.

Increase Your Business Productivity With Our Best-In-Class Accounts Receivable Services.

Accounts Payable

Top-performing accounts payable departments process more than FOUR TIMES as many invoices as the bottom-performing departments.

Managing your company’s relationships with suppliers and vendors is one of the most challenging tasks. The more suppliers you have, the higher your chances of making mistakes in your accounts payable process.

At The Accounting Friend LLC, We calculate, handle invoices, record business transactions, and check financial data for maintaining records. Our years of expertise help us efficiently improve your accounts payable processes. We also clarify any ambiguous invoice items, pricing, or signatures.

• Capturing and matching invoice data
• Scanning documents
• Invoice Auditing and Cost Recovery
• Processing of Invoice Payments
• Management of Invoice Exceptions